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M/Docs II Version release notes

March 31, 2013

Perhaps the most long-awaited enhancement to the program has been the ability to use the most widely known short-cut keys for cut, copy and paste. Users may now copy text using Control-C, cut text using Control-X and paste text using Control-V. (Please hold your applause until the end.)

This release contains changes designed to help locate clients and client matters easier. First, when adding a new client in the client window, users will notice that new clients are reorganized after saving into alphabetical order. The client "number" will change to reflect the new position in the client order. In addition, clients can be added to and removed from the Favorites window by clicking the Add to Favorites icon on the client screen. If a client is a member of your Favorites list, the "Add to Favorites" will display as a "Remove from Favorites" icon, allowing you to reverse the process.

Clients will also display alphabetically in the Save and Save As windows, making it easier to locate the client you wish to associate with your document. The "None" option will continue to display at the top of the list for easy reference.

As a user's client matters grow, it will now be easier to locate current matters. A Matter Filter button has been added to the Matter window. By clicking on the drop-down menu, a user can opt to view All Matters or only those Matters used within the past month, the past quarter or the past year.

The release also contains changes to font capabilities. When placing text on a page, users are now given the option of using Helvetica or Times New Roman type in order to match the font used on the open document. Note: When placing text on a page, the program will not accept text boxes placed over checkboxes. Users will see an error message display when they attempt to place a text box over a checkbox or within an approximate one-eighth to one-quarter inch gutter around a checkbox.

In addition to allowing a user to switch fonts in user-added text boxes, a user will also be able to change font type and font sizes in fields. Once text is entered, simply right-click on the field to display the options.

A change that will most noticeable to our Probate and Family Law subscribers is the auto calculations that will occur when autofilling documents. Previously, while amounts would autofill in appropriate places throughout selected documents, they did not trigger the calculation process. Now, when documents autofill, the totals and interim calculations should appear with the rest of the data.

Improvements have been made to the export process for forms. In addition to being able to export a form in PDF format, users will now see that the difficulty when trying to export documents in .jpeg and .tiff formats has been resolved.

The ordering process has been simplified by providing more options for ordering customers. Customers may now indicate on their order if they have previously paid by invoice or if they need to move a subscription between computers. Checking these other options will make it clear that credit card information is not required to process these types of transactions, eliminating the need for customers to contact Miller/Davis to ensure they will not be charged a second time for their subscriptions.

M/Docs II Version release notes

March 30, 2012

This release contains a major upgrade to M/Docs II, with the addition of network functionality and several important new features. The release also contains a newly created document module, Judgment Enforcement, as well as new or updated documents in other previously existing modules.

Network Install

It is now possible to network M/Docs II among several devices, making sharing data within your organization a breeze. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the M/Docs II Configuration Editor, which installs as a part of the program and will appear in the Miller Davis Company folder.

(Important: Before configuring your network on workstations already running the software, it’s important to back up all data and documents files. They can be integrated back into the software after installation.)

Forms and Modules

A new module is available for Judgment Enforcement proceedings. The module contains the following subgroups:

  • Conciliation Court
  • Financial Transactions, including Promissory Notes
  • Garnishment
  • General Executions
  • Miscellaneous Documents (Confessions of Judgment, Affidavits, etc.)
  • Recovery of Personal Property
  • Satisfaction and Releases
  • Supplementary Proceedings

The module is available at renewal rates for those currently subscribing to at least one other M/Docs II module—just remember to click on the box when ordering to be contacted before processing credit card information to receive the lower price.

Subscribers to the Conveyancing module can now access documents used in land registration under a new form group named Registration of Land. In addition, two new documents are included:

  • 50.3.1 - Certificate of Translation
  • 50.3.2 - Affidavit Regarding Farm Disposal of Solid Waste

Program Enhancements

We’ve implemented a new screen view, Favorites, which offers the following features:

  • Displays a user-generated list of favorite documents and clients
  • Customizable display settings
  • Available as the default welcome screen

We’ve also made it simple for users to print matter pages by including a “print” icon on each, which can be used to print either blank or filled-in forms. The 3” top margin of each matter page easily accommodates your organization’s pre-printed letterhead.

In addition, users are now able to set a default printer for forms separate from their default printer for other tasks. This makes it simple to maintain a printer dedicated to printing forms on letterhead while maintaining another printer for blank paper. Alternatively, users can choose to be prompted to select a printer for each job.

M/Docs II now comes with a new error-reporting system, enabling our developers to pinpoint and patch system errors with greater accuracy and effectiveness, in many cases without needing to uninstall and reinstall the program itself. Users, as well, are provided with a better tool to report errors and request enhancements or new form libraries.

Program updates, when available, will now make it clear whether each update carries minor changes, or more substantial modifications to the program or forms library..

M/Docs II helps you complete multiple legal forms quickly and easily with authority.

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