About Miller/Davis Company

Miller Davis has been the leading provider of legal and business forms in Minnesota since 1894. At Miller Davis, we strive to put our customers' needs at the forefront of our efforts. Miller Davis continues to offer a Catalog of more than 2,000 traditional paper forms. However, as the requirements of our customers move beyond the use of traditional paper forms, our business has changed in response. Miller Davis currently offers an extensive library of legal and real estate forms in new, easy to use M/DOCS Legal Forms Software.

In addition to the legal forms business, Miller Davis also operates its Government Division which serves counties, cities and townships throughout the State of Minnesota. Products offered by the Government Division involve multiple types of forms, specialty printing items, various record books used by counties and other related materials.

As always, Miller Davis is interested in giving our customers the best possible service. Please Contact Us regarding any ideas, requests or questions.


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