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M/Docs II is affordable, with multiple libraries of legal forms to choose from beginning at less than $17/month in the first year – with further discounts available for renewals. Click-here to download a list of available forms by library.

The table below reflects our current base pricing for available Form Libraries for M/Docs II legal software. Please note that discount pricing is available with the purchase of multiple Libraries and with the purchase of multiple licenses. Contact us for a custom pricing quote.

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Base Price
MN Adoption

This module contains all of the petitions, affidavits, and consent forms necessary for any Minnesota adoption matter. Forms are included for agency and private adoptions, as well as for stepparent adoptions. Also included are forms from the Minnesota Department of Health regarding birth records, and reports and other forms from the Department of Human Services. The module also includes informational and other forms from the U.S. Department of State and the Citizenship and Immigration Services, for the special situations posed when adopting a child from another country.

MN Conveyancing

In this module, we have included every type of form you will need for a commercial or residential real estate transaction. Conservator, probate, quitclaim, limited warranty, and warranty deeds are included for every type of grantor and grantee. In addition, you will find bills of sale for personal property included in the transaction, along with sheriff’s documents for lien or mortgage foreclosures. The module also provides you with forms for power of attorney and for trust certificates. Official HUD settlement statements and refinancing statements and reports are also included.

MN Family Law

The Family Law module provides documents for a wide range of family law matters. Forms are available for adoption, dissolution of marriage, divorce, separation, paternity, and child support or spousal maintenance. Forms for actions relating to harassment and domestic abuse actions are also available.

MN Guardianship Conservatorship

Guardianships and conservatorships require numerous types of document for the many different situations that can and will arise. Forms are included to petition for an emergency guardianship, to appoint a guardian or conservator for a minor, or to modify or close a guardianship or conservatorship. The module also contains the forms needed for the administration of the estate of a ward or conservatee. These administrative forms include inventories and appraisals, and the annual notice to conservatees of their right to petition for a restoration of their capacity. Petitions and court orders for the sale of property from the estate are also provided.

MN Judgment Enforcement

The forms in this module cover all of the steps in enforcing and collecting a judgment in district court or in conciliation court. All of the documents for execution, garnishment, and summary execution by an attorney are included. This module also gives you promissory notes and installment agreements, as well as a notice of a dishonored check. We have included the necessary forms and affidavits for post-judgment matters, such as collecting attorney’s fees. Finally, forms for satisfaction and release of a judgment are provided.

MN Liens, Leases Waivers

The “Liens and Lease Waivers” module includes leases for personal as well as real property. A complete set of forms for leasing agricultural or farm property is included, along with residential and commercial real estate leasing forms. The module also contains forms for perfecting, enforcing, and releasing a mechanic’s lien, and the forms for a notice of lis pendens. You will also receive the forms for attorney’s liens and other, less common forms of lien, such as hospital and motor vehicle liens.

MN Real Property Sales

The Real Property Sales provides the forms used by real estate professionals for listing property, and for assisting their clients in the purchase or sale of real estate. Forms are provided for every stage of the transaction, from the agreement to represent the client, through the listing of the property for sale, the required disclosures, purchase agreements and contingencies, financing, and the closing. Specialty forms for commercial real estate leases and other transactions are included in this module.

MN Real Estate Package

The Minnesota Real Estate Package module provides you with a complete set of Minnesota real estate forms. Forms are provided for agency disclosure, bills of sale, promissory notes, commercial and residential leases, financing and mortgages, and deeds. The forms in this module are those drafted by Miller/Davis attorneys and the Real Property Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

MN Purchase Agreements

This module includes all types of residential real estate purchase agreements. Forms are provided for virtually every type of real estate purchase, including forms drafted specifically for condominium or townhouse sales, new construction, and also for agreements to purchase vacant land. The module includes the necessary addenda and disclosures, such as addenda for personal property, or the required disclosure for lead-based paint. Listing and financing agreements are also provided, as is a form for a residential lease. Finally, the forms to be used at the closing are included. “Just in case,” a cancellation of contract form is provided.

MN Probate

Forms for all facets of Minnesota probate matters are contained in this module. Applications, notices, and orders are provided for both formal and informal probate proceedings. The module includes the necessary documents for the personal representative’s inventory and administration of an estate and the distribution of property to the heirs. Special administration forms, with the petition and appointment of a special administrator, are included. Forms are also provided for ancillary administration of the Minnesota portion of a decedent’s estate.

WI Probate

The Wisconsin probate module includes the complete range of forms for Wisconsin estate and trust matters. The estate forms are prepared for both informal and formal probate, as well as for ancillary administration of an estate. The trust forms include consent to serve as a trustee and trust inventories. Other forms, such as a termination of a decedent’s property interest to be filed with the local Register of Deeds, and an acknowledgment and report of escheated estate to the State Treasurer, are included. The module also has forms for a personal representative to apply for a federal tax ID number.

Uniform Commercial Code

The Uniform Commercial Code module collects in one place all of the “U.C.C.” forms for security interests, for use in Minnesota and nationwide. The module includes financing statements and addenda, and amendments and corrections to the statements. There is also an information request, to ask for a search of U.C.C. filings regarding a particular debtor. If the debtor is a farmer, and the security interest is in growing crops or livestock, the module will provide you with the necessary notification and termination statement.

MN Workers' Compensation

The worker’s compensation module provides the user with forms related to every aspect of Minnesota worker’s compensation law. All of the forms for the investigation, processing, and administration of an injured employee’s claim are included, such as claim petitions, notices of appeal, and objections to the discontinuance of benefits. Forms are also included for health care providers’ reports. Attorneys for injured employees will find requests for approval of attorney’s fees.


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