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Minnesota forms for the formation of business associations, corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, nonprofits, and limited liability companies, along with forms related to registered agents and for the registration of trademarks and servicemarks.

  • Assumed Names & Use of Names

    Minnesota forms for the reservation, cancellation, amendment, and renewal of assumed names, and for permitting...

  • Business Corporations (Ch. 302A)

    Minnesota business corporation forms for the formation and continued operation of both domestic and foreign...

  • Domestic

    Minnesota forms for the formation, operation, and dissolution of a domestic (in-state) corporation.

  • Foreign

    Forms for the operation of foreign or non-Minnesota business corporation in the statea, including obtaining...

  • Contracts

    Standard form for a Minnesota contract or agreement with a corporation

  • Cooperatives

    Minnesota forms for the organization and renewal of a business cooperative association

  • Corrections

    Articles of correction information and instructions for correcting or amending of documents filed with the...

  • General Partnerships (Ch. 323A)

    Forms for the dissolution or merger of a Minnesota general partnership, and for the dissociation...

  • Limited Liability Companies (Ch. 322B)

    Minnesota forms for the organization of domestic (in-state) limited liaibility companies or LLCs, and for...

  • Domestic

    Forms for the organization and renewal of a Minnesota limited liability company (LLC), as well...

  • Foreign

    Forms for the operation in Minnesota of out-of-state or foreign limited liability companies (LLCs), including...

  • Limited Liability Partnerships (Ch. 323A)

    Minnesota qualification and renewal forms for domestic (Minnesota) and foreign (non-Minnesota) limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

  • Domestic

    Minnesota renewal and statement of qualification forms for domestic (in-state) limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

  • Foreign

    Minnesota forms to qualify a foreign (non-Minnesota) limited liability partnership (LLP) to do business in...

  • Limited Partnerships (Ch. 321)

    Minnesota forms for the renewal of a domestic (in-state) or foreign (non-Minnesota) limited partnership

  • Domestic

    Form for the renewal of a domestic (Minnesota) limited partnership (LP)

  • Foreign

    Form for the renewal of a foreign (non-Minnesota) limited partnership (LP)

  • Miscellaneous Forms (MD)

    Miscellaneous Minnesota corporate forms, including forms for the formation and dissolution of corporations, and for...

  • Nonprofits

    Minnesota forms to incorporate a nonprofit corporation or to form or organize a nonprofit limited...

  • Registered Agents

    Minnesota form for a change of a registered agent, or for a change in the...

  • Trademarks and Servicemarks

    Minnesota trademark and servicemark registration forms, including application, assignment, and renewal forms


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